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More information about joining Wolves of Valinor on the Jade Quarry server can found here on our forums.
Wolves Status

Quite a few of us are now together again playing GW2! Hop in and get in touch!

Did you know...
The archetype of the Wolves of Valinor, is Huan, the faithful wolfhound who was loyal to Luthien and Beren. Hereby is also referred to the fact that Wolves of Valinor are connected by deep ties to the Valar Guild. Though not an official branch of that great Tolkien community, we share many visions, dreams and members.

About WoV
Welcome to Wolves of Valinor. Now that you are here, you might want to know more about us. Many of us have been together since 2003, when we first established our community on the server of Percival/Hibernia in the world of Dark Age of Camelot. The word community means something here, our Wolves are a tight pack. That is why we have stuck together over the years, changing between DaoC, Warhammer, LOTRO, AION and now Guildwars 2.
The keywords to describe our community are humor, maturity, respect and helpfulness.

Humor and maturity

We play games to relax. Most of us have jobs, families to look after, kittens or dogs to cherish, or even a parrot to talk to. We come together to have a good time, and poke at each other in kind and friendly yet sharp and ingenious ways in chat and vent. When things go wrong and mobs or foes beat our butts, the motto is "snicker, don't bicker".

Respect and helpfulness

Some of us are more fanatic about gaming, others are completely casual. What we share is that we will always give priority to helping each other and other players in the area. People who put themselves in the first place might think twice about joining us. We share loot and give presents, the joy of the gift is not in the receiving but in the giving! Once you are a member of WoV, you are considered family: a member of a pack with a proud tradition and reputation. You will not find any of us talk in hurtful ways about gender,
sexual orientation, race, religion or politics. We treat people with due respect and always try to behave towards others as we would like to be treated ourselves: kindly and friendly. That is why we are still able to find new ways to insult each other in vent  . We know we can rely on each other never to mean harm.

The Community 

 We are as international as can be. We are from all across the America's, Europe and the other parts of this world.

We are a med
ium sized guild and don't aim at becoming a mass. we want to know each other. We are not actively recruiting new members by spamming "Join us please". If folks we meet don't show an active interest in joining us, we won't bother them and leave them at peace.  But we do invite new members once in a while, when folks are triggered by our style, or we by theirs.
Some of us are in game most every day, others hop in on occasion. We do not demand minimum levels of activity or contribution.

 We like to test our skills against other players, in RvR/WvW/PvP. Here also, our primary aim is to help our realm. We share an ambition to perform well, not be be über, but to reach a high level of cooperation.

There it is. We are the Wolves of Valinor, and we wear that name with pride and honor. If you want to become one of us, or just say hello, hop in, and take a seat in our den!

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